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Hilaria Thomas Can't Wait To Speak Spanish With Kid Behind Alec Baldwin's Back

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Thomas Baldwin are set to have a baby in just a few months. Just a couple of days after the 28-year-old yoga instructor revealed the gender of her baby—it’s a girl!—on Extra the soon-to-be mommy already has some devilish plans for bonding with her daughter.

Thomas spoke out to US Weekly over the weekend to talk plans about her little girl. She says she wants to teach her daughter to speak Spanish, despite the fact that her actor daddy doesn’t have that skill set.

"It's a little tricky because my husband doesn't speak Spanish, so that'll be a little tricky in the house," she said. "But maybe we will have our own conversation and he'll have to learn. We can talk behind his back. I cannot wait!"

On a more serious note, both Baldwin and Thomas are on the same page about introducing their daughter to both sides of her culture. Thomas also says she hopes her family will be able to help her to keep up the conversations in Spanish once her daughter gets older.

"I was on the phone with my nephew, who's seven. He called me and he asked me, 'Is she going to speak Spanish?' and I said, 'Yes, but you have to help because she's going to grow up here probably so you have to help speak to her in Spanish.’”

Thomas has already begun mapping out her little daughter’s future, but while speaking Spanish may not be in the cards for months and months, she’s also excited about some of the little things, like feeding her daughter and bathing her. Pop Blend would like to wish the best of luck to the couple, as they prepare to bring a little girl in the world. That’s certainly something worth waiting for.

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