If you were a little kid in the 1990s, you no doubt have very vivid memories of the music. Well, except for maybe the awesome snacks that are now all but extinct. At any rate, I remember jamming to cassette tapes and eventually those new-fangled CDs. This awesome YouTube clip smashes so many childhood memories into six minutes, I think I might cry from pure joy.

From BuzzFeed , a couple of Australian comedians Anna O'Bryan and Al Newstead performed a ridiculous medley of sixty 90s hits in just about six minutes. If you can do math or found your calculator, like me, that's six seconds of each jam. This epic mashup was performed for the Triple J’s Good Az Friday comedy show. How many of these awesome songs do you remember? I think I've heard all of them at least a hundred times over the course of my childhood.

And hey, while we're on the subject of the 90s, have any of you noticed how many stars and musicians from back then are still hanging around? Justin Timberlake , former Mousketeer and NSYNC member, is arguably one of the most successful folks to escape that decade with a solid career. His ex lady and pop diva Britney Spears is still rocking it out in concert, now performing in Las Vegas instead of to screaming preteens across the country. Christina Aguilera is still using her incredibly powerful voice to release hits and is also lending her expertise to the hit show, The Voice . Even early 90s music makers like New Kids on The Block remain relevant thanks to random acting performances and the occasional tour. Who do you think is next to make a resurgence into popularity?

If this duet wasn't enough of the decade of hammer pants and belly shirts for you, check out this sweet video mashup of some late 90s hit songs. You're totally lying if you say you didn't learn dance moves to at least one of these songs and practiced with your friends before school dances and attempted to show off your slick moves for everyone. I also forgot how many mid drifts I was exposed to as a preteen. Also am I the only person who forgot that "Wild Wild West" song by Will Smith? I am going to be humming that all week.

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