Hurricane Sandy has left plenty of people with flooded homes and lacking electricity, but for some East Coast residents, trees were the bigger scare. One of Cinema Blend’s writers spoke to me about a tree falling on her parent’s home, and while plenty of trees seem to have been uprooted during the storm, only one left skeletal remains beneath it.

In New Haven, Connecticut, a female resident headed outdoors after the storm, only to find a surprise at the base of an uprooted oak tree. There, the woman found skeletal remains, which I suppose is a nice way to usher in the Halloween holiday, although I’m sure the event was quite as scary as it would have been normally, amongst all the other devastation. The New Haven police were called, and came to take a look at the remains.

According to CBS News, the remains are pretty old, which means no crazy murder mystery will go into effect as a result of finding the human bones. In fact, the giant oak tree that fell down was planted way back in 1909, and the New Haven police are saying the remains were buried prior to the planting. The area the skeleton was found in is actually a centuries old graveyard that was developed over in more recent years. The body found likely died of disease, and did so sometime between 1799 and 1821.

I wonder if the woman knew she was living on a Poltergeist-esque property or if the whole thing was quite the shock!

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