Idiots Get Way Too Close To A Tornado

This video needs to be accompanied with a huge DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME OR EVER. Two idiot North Dakotans think it’s a better idea to film a tornado then actually seek shelter. While they do give us a close look at a tornado, they were incredibly lucky I didn't just write “two idiots die filming tornado” a second ago. Living in Tornado Alley, I can’t believe these guys weren’t scared out of their minds even standing out there to begin with.

This video does very little to truly show the danger of a tornado. Yes you can be picked up and blown away but oftentimes that’s not what kills people in a tornado. Most of the time it’s debris flying at speeds exceeding 200 mph colliding into you! Everything is fair game for floating with a tornado. Tools, furniture, wood, and cinder blocks...all things these guys were incredibly lucky didn’t hit them.

Is it offensive that I am not surprised this happened in a mobile home community? Not only were these guys living in one of the worst places to be in the event of a tornado, but then they act like complete fools in the situation. That’s not to say everyone living in this type of community would be foolish, because you can clearly see there are a lot of people running to shelter in the video and trying to, you know, not die. These guys act like not only have they never seen a tornado before, but like there wasn’t a tornado that just ripped through America not just a month ago that killed thirty five people. The amount of stupidity is truly astounding.

The tornado in this video struck Watford City, North Dakota, and was categorized as a EF-2. Nine people were injured at a nearby worker camp, but no deaths have been reported as of yet. According to the enhanced Fujita Scale an EF-2 tornado has wind speeds of around 110 mph and can travel on average about fifty meters or a hundred and sixty four feet a second. Once again, these guys are incredibly lucky this wasn’t a stronger tornado and that they weren’t injured, so do NOT do what they did just to get a viral YouTube video!

Mick Joest
Content Producer

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