International Flight Diverted After A Serious Poop Mishap

Everyone knows that the worst seat on a plane, train or bus is the seat adjacent to the toilet. It's the seat to be avoided at all costs if you have any hope for a pleasant journey. The further away from the unfortunate excuse for a bathroom, the better. But, what if a passenger took a number two that smelled so horrific even the pilot couldn't escape it? Well enough of ‘what if’ because this scene from a stenchy nightmare actually happened. Just last week an International flight had to return home because of a seriously smelly poo.

On Thursday, a group of unsuspecting passengers boarded a British Airways flight from London to Dubai, and the events that followed, no one could ever prepare for. About 30 minutes after the plane took flight, a foul odor drifted through the air. It increasingly became so poignant people on board started to complain. A local British politician, Abhishek Sachdev was aboard when the plane was forced to turn around near Brussels and land back at Heathrow Airport.

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The flight was on time and going smoothly until some dropped a deuce less than 30 minutes in. Sachdev (after insisting he was not the culprit) explained the situation further to MailOnline Travel:

The pilot made an announcement requesting senior cabin crew, and we knew something was a bit odd. About 10 minutes later he said you may have notices there’s a quite pungent smell coming from one of the toilets. He said it was liquid faecal excrement, those are the words he used. He said it’s not a technical fault with the plane, and he was very adamant about that.

The captain continued to explain to passengers that after examining the problem, there was nothing the crew could do to fix it, so the plane would be forced to return to London for health and safety reasons.

The culprit of this plane-diverting stink storm is still at large, and may be taking his embarrassing moment to the grave. He did cause quite the stir though, and quite the delay for his fellow passengers who had to wait another 15 hours for their next flight. A British Airways representative spoke out to MailOnline apologizing for the discomfort to customers and assured that the airline provided them with hotel accommodation as well as rescheduled flights.