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Jennifer Aniston spent years dating as many eligible bachelors as Hollywood was able to offer before she finally came across the handsome and charming Justin Theroux. After a whirlwind of a romance, Mr. Right finally got a ring together and proposed to the Horrible Bosses actress. Proving she is no Fembot and just like half of the women in the universe, Aniston cried when presented with the proposal.

It only took a little over a year for both halves of the couple to understand just how special the two’s romantic connection has been. Despite their intense love for one another, the two have never been flashy together, so when Theroux decided to ask Aniston for her hand, he didn’t plan to splash “Will You Marry Me” in the sky or coordinate any elaborate flash mob shenanigans. Instead, US Magazine is reporting the Rock of Ages actor kept it “simple.”

Theroux actually decided to incorporate the proposal into his 41st birthday festivities, which also included lunch at a restaurant in Greenwich Village. Maybe Aniston was crying because August 11 would now be so special for both of them, and maybe she was simply crying because of all the nice things her Wanderlust costar had to say about her. Either way, the two seem prepared for a long-term commitment, and it will be nice to see them gear up for a wedding in the coming months. Hope that doesn’t mean we will be subject to many more tears from the 43-year-old actress.

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