The last few months have been anything but normal for pint-sized reality star Snooki. The wild woman got engaged, got pregnant, stopped drinking and started shooting her television spinoff with JWoww. With that much dramatic life upheaval, it’s not a big surprise she’d search for something familiar, and to Snooki, there’s nothing more familiar than Jersey Shore.

MTV announced today that its incredibly popular reality show will return for a sixth season to be shot this summer. More importantly, the network announced all its main players will be back including Snooki. Exactly how much of a roll she may play is still unclear, but given the filming parameters, it’s entirely possible the birth could wind up making the finale. I knew as soon as I heard the baby news that Snooki would parlay her impending motherhood into a baby special, but I must admit I’m a bit shocked the other cast members seem to be along for the road. I guess the only question is whether or not that’s a good thing.

Snooki has entered a new phase of her life. She’s about to become a mother, can’t consume alcohol and has a fiancé to worry about. Most of her on-again-off-again roommates are most decidedly not at that point. No doubt they’ll continue partying until all hours of the night and acting a fool. The fights, the drama, the impulsivity, the peer pressure to go clubbing and the loudness don’t really strike me as positives for her pregnancy, but then again, maybe it’s possible producers will move her to a different residence. I’m sure being excluded from a money-making show she was a huge part of wasn’t exactly appealing, and it’s not like she can take five years off and assume she’ll have a high paying gig to come back to.

What do you think? Is it a good decision for Snooki to film another season of Jersey Shore this summer? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is It A Good Idea For Snooki To Come Back?

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