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In the lead up to this evening’s Lady Gaga concert, a protest group in South Korea blanketed Seoul with flyers denouncing the singer. Unlike the majority of censorship efforts here in the States, the extremely vocal minority actually won a concession. The Government banned all minors from attending the gig, but unfortunately, that action was not deemed enough. So, protesters from the Civilians Network Against The Lady Gaga Concert again took to the streets tonight to try and convince prospective attendants to do something else with their time.

By all accounts, this latter action was an abysmal failure, and the concert moved forward to packed capacity. According to Reuters, one of those who paid for a ticket was actually the organizer of the protests Yoon Jung-hoon. He claimed he would “monitor” the performance to get an idea of its homosexual content.

Most of the group’s literature handed out during the week also echoed that theme, decrying Lady Gaga was “too homosexual” for the general public. It’s unclear what level of homosexuality would have been appropriate to Jung-hoon and company, but apparently, the singer’s open acceptance crosses their line.

Gaga will next head to Hong Kong to play to another sold out crowd on May 2nd. It’s not known whether angry words will meet her there as well, but even if they do, their slanders will no doubt be drowned out by thousands of screaming enthusiasts.

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