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Lady Gaga’s most vocal critics may have taken her to task this past week over her recent weight gain, but it turns out not everyone has a problem with the change. In fact, most of the singer’s biggest fans are willing to stick by their mother monster no matter what size she is.

Their tweets of support and messages of encouragement and acceptance may not have been as loud as the tabloid articles, but they were all the comfort Gaga needed to saunter on without letting her critics get her down. You can check out her message of thanks below, alongside the shout out to Marilyn Monroe that perfectly captured her feelings…
”And thank to my fans who love me no matter what, and know the meaning of real beauty&compassion. I really love you.”

It’s easy to see why Gaga would find great comfort in the support of her fans, but honestly, this whole thing should be comforting to the rest of us too. Yeah, it was a little surprising to see the singer debut a different size, but it was unfair and unnecessary for so many outlets to wildly speculate about alcohol, marijuana and reckless behavior being the cause. Besides, there’s a difference between not being rail thin and being overweight to an unhealthy point. Gaga has never been and likely never will be the latter.

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