After numerous teases and hints concerning her upcoming Vogue cover, Lady Gaga finally offered her Little Monsters a look at the real thing, and like everything Gaga has done for the past few years, it has gotten an extremely strong reaction. The shot in question features the pop star in a long purple dress with poofed and bleached blonde hair.

Gaga described it to fans as her attempt to channel RuPaul, which, actually, is a pretty damn good description. You can check out the cover below, courtesy of Vogue

Roughly fifty percent of the time, I think Lady Gaga looks like a trailer trash nightmare. The other fifty percent of the time, however, I’m absolutely riveted. Even with the hair, this cover most definitely falls into the latter category. I just can’t stop looking at it. The dress is an elegant home run. It has the whole Gaga weirdness thing going on; yet, it looks like something a daring movie star could wear out to a premiere.

I’m very on board. Unfortunately, not everyone seems to agree with me. There are some who think the look is a little too Divine in Pink Flamingos-ish and over the top, especially for the front cover of the Vogue issue outlining fall fashion.

How do you think Gaga looks? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

What Do You Think Of The Cover?

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