Lexie Grey Is Pregnant

Fresh off her recent seducing of Dr. McSteamy, Mark Sloan, Lexie Grey is pregnant with his unborn child. Okay, maybe not. But that’d be a hell of a story. Chyler Leigh, the actress who plays Meredith’s little sister, is preggers with her third child. Leigh’s husband, actor Nathan West, is a former Junior A hockey player who went on to star as injured US Hockey Player Rob McClahanahan who fought through the pain to score the game-winning and gold medal-sealing goal in the film Miracle, which chronicled the greatest sporting moment of the Twentieth Century.

According to People, Leigh and West already have two children together and released a statement through their rep saying they were “thrilled and looking forward to the new addition to their young family.” The pregnancy will reportedly not be written into Grey’s Anatomy; so, expect a lot of scenes with Lexie’s stomach obscured by patients or surgical tables.

Congratulations to Chyler and Nathan.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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