Maker Of Bratz Dolls Suing Lady Gaga For $10 Million

When Lady Gaga signed off on a deal for a Bratz Doll to be created in her likeness, she likely thought it would be a fun way to make money. Now it turns out it might have been a decidedly unpleasant way to lose a lot of money. MGA Entertainment Inc, the maker of the Bratz collection, has filed a lawsuit against the pop star seeking ten million dollars in damages over the business relationship gone sour.

The company claims it paid Gaga’s merchandising company Bravado a one million dollar advance to cement the partnership. Unfortunately, no dolls have yet been produced because the musician supposedly hasn’t gotten around to choosing one of the designs. She’s reportedly had minor problems with each effort, and now the delay will cost MGA the chance to have the creations in stores by the Fall.

According to The Los Angeles Times, the lawsuit includes emails from the singer’s marketing team requesting the creation be made to look like a “prettier Gaga” with a supermodel facial structure. Her team was also apparently excited about having removable heads.

Earlier today, MGA tried to get a judge to sign off on the dolls without Gaga’s permission, but that request was denied. More than likely, to avoid future legal proceedings, the singer will just do that herself in the coming days. No one wants to waste money fighting over this, and if it’ll really only take a few tweeks to get the products to market, I’m sure it’ll happen shortly.

Mack Rawden
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