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Distance can be tough on relationships and is often the reason couples who must spend a lot of time traveling eventually decide to call it quits. In fact, since actors often travel for jobs, they face distance problems more than many other careers. Today, the dreaded distance took its toll on Michelle Williams and Jason Segel’s relationship. Just shortly before the couple’s one-year anniversary, the two have decided to break-up.

The move is a little surprising, considering Segel seemed to be invested in Williams as well as her 7-year-old daughter, Matilda. However, on Tuesday it was confirmed that the two have quietly broken things off, and according to US Weekly, it truly was the whole distance thing that caused trouble in Segel and Williams’ relationship. Williams is based out of New York and since Segel must constantly shoot for CBS’ hit comedy How I Met Your Mother, he needs to be based out of Los Angeles.

The distance explanation goes a long way to help explain why the couple seemed to be getting along well when they vacationed together in Cancun right around one month ago. Recently, Williams even gave an interview with InStyle talking about the relationship for one of the first times, which assumedly seemed to bode well for the relationship. Unfortunately, that distance thing can be a real killer. Maybe we should have all seen this coming a week ago when Williams showed up to the Hollywood premiere of Oz the Great and Powerful without her tall man candy. I guess I should call him her “former” tall man candy, now.

We wish both parties the very best as they move forward, apart.