The American Idol judges may still be simmering when it comes to a difference in opinion, but the battle may not have been as bad as everyone assumed. Judge Mariah Carey may have added security protection to keep her safe when she must verbally spar against judge Nicki Minaj, but her husband, Nick Cannon, doesn’t seem to think it’s all that big of a deal. There have been rumors that Minaj and Carey’s feud has just been one big publicity stunt, exacerbated by Fox itself, and Cannon’s unconcerned attitude may lend confidence to those rumors.

On Saturday, Nick Cannon headed to Safe Communications 1st Annual Family Day, where E! couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask the 31-year-old America’s Got Talent host what he thought about the feud.
"I wasn't concerned. That's exactly what you called it was drama. With drama, it's theatrics. I'm not worried about that stuff."

This means the man knows the exact extent of the feud and what is going on, or he’s simply trying to keep the press out of the ordeal. Either way, he puts plenty of blame on the widely publicized controversy on Fox itself. When E! asked him about the gun threat, he was fairly evasive, as well.
"I don't know. I wasn't there. It made for good news. It sounded good, right? Good job Fox."

It seems to me that Cannon had to tow a fine line with the interview, but it sounds like the drama may be more hype than an actual problem. It’s too bad a network representative doesn't have a tell-all scheduled with Barbara Walters in the near future. Now that could get pretty interesting.

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