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Between George Takei's distinct voice, his excellent sense of humor and his appreciation for the phrase "Oh my!," it's a wonder we haven't heard his take on Fifty Shades of Grey already. Well, better a little bit late than never, right? Takei sat down to entertain us with a bit of light reading from E.L. James' popular erotic romance novel. Check it out ahead.

Following in the footsteps of Gilbert Gottfied in putting his extremely recognizable voice behind some of the steamier scenes from James' novel, and in response to fans who said he had a "special connection with the book," Takei thumbs through the novel and reads a few excerpts for our pleasure… Oh myyy!

If ever I decide to re-read this novel, I'm fairly certain I'll be reading Ana's repeated use of the phrase "Oh my!" in Takei's voice every time, after having viewed the above video. And that's not a complaint.

Speaking of "Oh my," if you didn't notice at the end of the video, Takei plugs his recently published book Oh Myyy!, which is available for purchase and focuses on his rise to internet fame in the later years of his career, including his experiences with Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.