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Will Paula Deen Regret Passing Up Dancing With The Stars' Offer?

After more than a month of will she or won’t she rumors, it seems Paula Deen won’t be appearing on Dancing With The Stars. The Southern cook and her inner circle reportedly came to the conclusion there are better ways for her to rehabilitate her image, but not surprisingly, there are more than a few people who are dumbfounded by her decision to bail, many of whom work for the show.

Here’s what extremely affable, longtime host Tom Bergeron told US Weekly

"We've seen career resurgences after the show. People go, 'I remember why I love that person!'”

Tom isn’t the only one from the DWTS family who wanted to see Paula shake her tail feather either. Here’s what beloved dancer Cheryl Burke told the same outlet…

"Right now, lots of controversial things are happening around her and her situation, and I think coming on something light and fun would be good for her."

Once upon a time, Deen had a wonderful reputation, apart from a minor controversy related to diabetes. She was a huge hit with fans of the Food Network, and her restaurants and side businesses made a killing, mostly from her ardent Southern supporters. Unfortunately, that feel good empire started collapsing earlier this summer when her testimony from a recent deposition leaked. During her interview, she admitted to using the n-word after a traumatic robbery and admitted to planning a wedding involving a reconstruction theme featuring black, suited waiters. She quickly tried to apologize on a few occasions, but her efforts only made the problem worse.

From a detached perspective, a woman like Deen doing the twist on network television after so many recent problems sounds like a disaster. In fact, it sounds like a recipe to get booed and make the problem a heck of a lot worse. Sometimes the general public needs time, and if she waited a year or so, people might not have a problem with her returning to the limelight. After all, celebrities convicted in a court of law of doing far worse have gone on to have great careers.

Knowing the specifics of Dancing With The Stars, however, the above might not be true at all. The fanbase is filled with a lot of conservative people from Middle America and the South. They’re the exact type of people Paula would need to win over to start rebuilding her empire from its base, and the best way to let people know you’re not a monster is often to just got out there as quickly as possible and be yourself.

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