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Phillip Phillips Cancels Remainder Of Tour Dates

Last season’s American Idol winner didn’t really take a break after winning the veteran singing competition’s accolade. Instead, he put out the coronation song, “Home,” which went on to be a hit, then hit went on the American Idol tour. The 22-year-old singer didn’t even stop when he found out he would have to undergo kidney surgery, putting out a new album shortly after and going on tour. Now, however, his lack of rest post surgery has caught up with the singer and he has been forced to cancel tour dates.

Phillips initially had kidney surgery in June of 2012. The singer only took a week off of work before returning to the studio to get whatever work he could done. That sort of work ethic is admirable, but only to a point. According to THR, Phillips has run himself so hard a doctor has ordered the young man to slow down and reschedule some tour dates. Additionally, the outlet is reporting Phillips is suffering from both exhaustion and dehydration.

Phillips took to Twitter on Monday to explain his situation, noting that his last nine tour dates will all have to be rescheduled.

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Despite the bad news, there are several good things in that tweet. The first is that the last tour dates will be rescheduled rather than cancelled. Additionally, the line about Mayer should be alluding to Phillips’ upcoming tour with John Mayer, which is scheduled to kick off in July. So, while the singer is cutting off his solo tour a little short, the situation doesn’t seem too dire and he should be back on the road soon. Hopefully, he won’t push himself quite so hard the next time around.

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