Prince William is set to turn thirty on Thursday. No doubt his lovely wife and the rest of his family will gift him wonderful surprises, but no matter what their choices, it seems unlikely any will come close to topping his late mother’s present. When Princess Diana passed fifteen years ago, her will split the majority of her possessions and assets between sons William and Harry to be inherited on their thirtieth birthdays.

After years of waiting, the big day will finally arrive tomorrow, adding a reported fifteen and a half million dollars to William and Kate’s bank account. Even for a man who grew up with many of the finest possessions in England, that’s an incredible one day haul. Don’t look for the couple to spend it quickly however. With the Olympics coming up in addition to their normal goodwill duties, there won’t be too much time for shopping in the immediate future.

According to US Weekly, no official plans to celebrate the birthday have been announced, but if Will has his way, he might well choose to watch movies alongside Kate on the couch. The two are reportedly very fond of impulsively ordering films from Amazon, and with the new loot, they shouldn’t have any trouble paying the credit card bill.

It’ll be a few more years before Prince Harry rakes in his share of the pot, but given his personality, something tells me he’ll have a little bit more of a party to celebrate.

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