The British Public may have fallen in love with Duchess Catherine following her wedding to Prince William, but what they really want is a baby. The royal couple have said publically they’d like to enjoy some time together and focus on good will prior to having kids, but privately, they’re apparently looking toward a future that includes an heir to the throne.

According to US Magazine, William and Kate decided to pull the goalie after their malaria medication ran its course following their trip to the Pacific Islands and are actively trying to get pregnant. If all goes well, they’d like to become parents sometime during 2013, which would allow plenty of time to begin rearing the child before they head out to tour the world again in a few years.

William and Catherine have shared in the past their excitement at the prospect of having children. Right now, they’re inside a comfortable window in which the public isn’t quite antsy. If they put it off for a few years, however, the baby question will start following them everywhere they go. If they are starting to try now, it’s an intelligent move, and any pregnancy news will be greeted with overwhelming approval from those in the United Kingdom.

With loving personalities, plenty of patience and a ton of resources, William and Kate should be able to offer any future children they have wonderful upbringings. Here’s to hoping they produce kids as engaging and loveable as themselves.

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