We’re now less than a day away from Oscar night. Attendees are making last second outfit decisions, nominees are carefully crafting speeches they probably won’t need and somewhere, Sacha Baron Cohen is readying his fake beard. When news first broke that the comedian was planning to attend in character, word leaked that his tickets were being revoked. As a formal event, producers of the ceremony didn’t want to abet a gimmick, and thus, would force him to attend as himself or revoke his invite. At least that’s how the story went, but those rumors turned out to be false. Baron Cohen is, in fact, showing up as General Aladeen with the Academy’s blessing.

For many fans otherwise uninterested in this year’s crop of Best Picture nominees that features only one full-fledged hit, The Help, Baron Cohen’s presence will no doubt prove an interesting attraction. The comedian has made a name for himself lampooning big events and big celebrities; so, there’s really no telling what he might do. For others however, the costume-fueled performance he may put on is more of a source of worry than anything else. The Oscars, for all the controversies they’ve created, still retain a feeling of legitimacy. The participants take the night very seriously, and large segments of the American public consider it the best of all the award shows. Baron Cohen’s presence could undermine that seriousness.

What do you think? Will General Aladeen be a welcome distraction, or is he completely out of place? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

How Do You Feel About Him Showing Up In Character?

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