Scarlett Johansson Picture Used To Advertise Mexican Sex Shop

If you’ve ever seen posters and advertisements for sex shops and escort services and wondered where the business procured the picture of the enticing female, this story will definitely be right up your alley. It seems a Mexican adult store has been disseminating business cards advertising their products with a woman in an unbuttoned white shirt and a black bra. That’s not altogether shocking, at least until you examine the picture a bit closer and realize who the lady is: Scarlett Johansson.

The lurid and hilarious find was uncovered by TMZ, and while the business cards’ reach can’t possibly be ascertained, it’s likely the situation produced thousands of double takes and a steady stream of laughter. The actress herself is apparently quite amused with the situation too. She released a statement to E! saying the following…

"I applaud TMZ's, once again, award winning investigative journalism for securing the knowledge of my legions of Mexican fans."

This is why Scarlett Johansson is awesome. There are plenty of other actresses out there who would have flipped knowing their image was being illegally used for such unseemly means, but the Prestige star clearly sees the inherent humor in it all.

As for how this could have possibly happened, the owner of the sex shop reportedly placed an order for business cards and didn’t specify what female he wanted on it. Whoever printed the things apparently improvised and picked out good old Scarlett. A ballsy move of course but also one that was definitely going to get caught.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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