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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have had some problems over the years, mostly thanks to his drug-related struggles, but in general, an overwhelming majority of people would agree they’re strangely perfect together. From their shared eccentricities to the children they’ve raised, their relationship just works, which is why it’s so bizarre to think about her dating anyone else, especially when that person is about as much of a departure from Ozzy as possible.

Speaking yesterday on her hit show The Talk, Sharon admitted that as a twenty-five-year-old girl in Los Angeles, she went on some dates with future Tonight Show host Jay Leno. It all went down back in 1978. Osbourne was out at a club with a friend when she noticed Leno across the room. She thought he was pretty cute, and her friend apparently already knew him pretty well. So, the two decided to impulsively prank call him that night. Humorously, Sharon and Jay actually got to talking, and intrigued by her accent, he decided to organize a date. A few hangout sessions and a brief fling later, the romance ended after he met his future wife. Not long after, she started dating Ozzy, and the two went their separate ways.

There’s something about Hollywood that can bring the strangest people together for brief encounters—like Larry King and Katie Couric. It’s impossible to know whether Sharon and Jay could have worked in some strange way had they kept at it longer, but considering the incredible success each has found over the years, it’s probably better they never got the chance to find out. Besides, in her own weird way, she seems happier screaming at the neighbors and managing heavy metal acts than she would driving around town in one of the comedian’s old cars.

When pushed by her co-stars, Sharon declined to admit whether or not she and Leno ever slept together, instead playing it coy by saying it was too long ago to remember. Either way, it’s an interesting factoid and hopefully, an amusing and happy memory for each.

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