After weeks of rumors, Kate Middleton announced earlier today that she’s expecting her first child. The big reveal likely would have waited longer, but thanks to hyperemesis gravidarum, or acute morning system, she had to be hospitalized. The condition isn’t expected to have any long-term effect on either her health or the health of the unborn child, and fortunately, it did very little to quell the excitement of an enthusiastic British public eager to see the royal bloodline continued.

The House of Windsor has a long and luxurious history of giving children standard, classic names like Charles and Harry. More than likely, William and Catherine will choose to continue that tradition and name their son/ daughter something like Edward or Mary, but until the birth certificate is officially signed, there’s always the possibility they break out of the mold and bring a little flair to the royal family.

Of course, there are many who argue since the House of Windsor represents the British people, the family is right to select generic names everyone can get behind. William might not exactly be exciting, but it’s clearly far better than something like Apple, and it does have a certain distinguished aura about it.

What do you think they should do? Should they go with a pretty standard, classic moniker, or should they break out and be a little more original? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

What Should They Do About A Name?

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