Simon Cowell Confirms He's Getting Busy With Carmen Electra

Simon Cowell typically isn’t the most open celebrity about his personal life, but after brushing off rumors about his relationship with Carmen Electra for weeks, the X Factor judge finally decided to meet the speculation head on in the form of a friendly chit-chat with a former co-worker.

Speaking to Ryan Seacrest during a phone call taped for the affable American Idol host’s radio show, Cowell confirmed he and Electra are dating but refused to say whether or not the model/ actress is his full-on girlfriend. Here’s an actual quote, as per Zap2It

”We're people who date. She's adorable, isn't she?"

It’s a well known fact that Simon likes riling people up. In fact, there’s nothing he loves more than stirring the pot a bit; so, something tells me he knew exactly what he was doing when he used this wild “people who date” turn of phrase. That might piss off a certain percentage of girls, but given Electra’s long history with strange relationships involving people like Dennis Rodman, something tells me she’s not exactly going to lose sleep over how Simon chooses to define what they have at this early juncture.

As for whether or not this has any long-term potential, it actually might. Cowell is well known to like women (and people for that matter) willing to push back, and with her sassy personality and been-there-done-that demeanor, Electra might be exactly what the cynical judge needs at this point in his life. We’ll keep you updated.

Mack Rawden
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