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Snoop Dogg's Rolling Words Is A Book To Help Fans Toke Up

Although I’m generally fonder of artists who release books of poetry and lyrics including at least a few unknown gems, having a basic concept with a more interesting vision can do in a pinch. Rapper and writer Snoop Dogg has a new book coming out that doubles as a portable way to light up, sans offering any actual drugs, of course.

After Snoop Dogg was arrested for marijuana possession back in January, one would think the 40 year-old would lay low - at least for a little while. On the contrary, the creator of such hits as “Drop it Like its Hot” and “Gin and Juice,” is still advocating for smokers, everywhere – this time in a less illegal way. Snoop Dogg has created Rolling Words, a book featuring lyrics to some of the music artist’s most popular songs.

Perhaps more importantly, though, the book doubles as a handy set of rolling papers, wrapped up with a neat hemp cover and tied up with some twine. If you are a fan of the potential uses of the handy device, you might appreciate a side feature: Rolling Words will also feature a match striker on a section of its spine. Pop Blend will keep you posted on when this wild endeavor gets an official release date but until then, you can hear Snoop Dogg discussing his reasoning for creating a “smokable songbook.”