Not So Safe House? Ryan Reynolds Gives Denzel Washington A Black Eye

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington’s new movie, Safe House, features Reynolds as a very green C.I.A professional who has to keep an eye on Washington’s character, a well-known fugitive. The movie hits theaters on February 10, at which time we will be able to see whether Reynolds has the chops to keep up with 57 year-old Washington on screen.

However, off screen it seems Reynolds is a little more dangerous than he would have us believe. On Saturday, during some Safe House promotion, Washington busted out a story about how he was filming with Reynolds when the 35 year-old actor gave him a black eye. It is probably not what you think. The two actors were filming a scene in a vehicle where Washington was meant to choke out Reynolds. Bodies were flying and the vehicle was moving and bam!, Reynolds landed one square on Washington’s face. According to People, the Reynolds-induced black eye was Washington’s first, ever.

During the Safe House promotion, Reynolds had the chance to defend the unfortunate accident.

“That was my early retirement. I've given Denzel Washington a black eye and I should probably go home."

While Reynolds is a hot name right now, it is easy to imagine his mortification over causing damage to a notoriously tough, veteran actor. At least he can joke about it. After admitting his embarrassment, Reynolds tried some more humor.

"I'm glad I was your first. If it had to be anyone, it was an apologetic Canadian."

It is too bad no one snapped a picture after the incident. A shot of Reynolds blushing while Washington stood there, injured, would have been priceless.