Still Dazed And Confused: Matthew McConaughey Plays Wooderson In Music Video

Richard Linklater’s brilliant film Dazed And Confused might be set in 1976, but there’s always been a timeless quality about its most famous character David Wooderson. With a blonde moustache, younger friends and even younger female love interests, he strutted around Lee High School while he was a student, and he somehow remained atop its social hierarchy years later. Whether that makes him a joke or a legend is debatable, but either way, he’s hilarious and fascinating, a master at extending the glory days.

In a new video released by the band Butch Walker & The Black Widows for the song “Synethesizers”, Matthew McConaughey reprises his most beloved role, and surprise surprise, Wooderson hasn’t changed a whole lot since we last saw him. Wearing the same shirt, necklace and moustache as he rocked during the amazing emporium entrance scene, he struts around a club and mouths the words as beautiful women shadow his every move. You can take a look at the wonderfulness below…

I love watching his head swivel in different directions as beautiful women walk past him. He might still be getting older while the high school girls are staying the same age, but that doesn’t mean his fundamental personality characteristics have changed at all. And how perfect is this song to accompany his slow motion stroll around the dance floor? I love everything about this video.

In case you forgot, here’s a look at the emporium scene from Dazed And Confused

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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