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Ted Nugent Furious Army Nixed Gig Over Obama Comments, Does He Have A Point?

Legendary rocker and small government enthusiast Ted Nugent is still madder than hell about his concert at Fort Knox being cancelled. He was supposed to play with REO Speedwagon and Styx on June 23rd, but after someone in charge caught wind of some recent anti-Obama comments he made, the gig was brought to a screeching halt.

Nugent was speaking at an NRA convention when the upcoming election came up. The former Damn Yankees guitarist told the crowd he’d likely end up “dead or in jail” if the President happened to be reelected. You can take from the comment what you will, but the Secret Service actually opened an investigation to figure out if his words amounted to a death threat. The organization ultimately cleared him of any wrongdoing, but apparently, their inquiry was enough to get the star banned from Fort Knox.

In response, Nugent issued a statement today to The Associated Press that expressed his frustration over the Army trampling on his First Amendment rights. He further argued his comments had been taken out of context and were uttered in the middle of outlining his fear that the expanding government would unlawfully put men like him in jail. The rocker was recently booked in Alaska for illegally killing a black bear and transporting it; so, it’s likely his animosity was heightened from the incident.

More than a few concertgoers who had already purchased tickets expressed outrage over Nugent no longer being on the bill; so, the army has decided to issue refunds to anyone who wants one. Still, it’s unlikely the returned money will drown out their annoyance.

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