The Federal Government typically doesn’t play around when it comes to fraud charges, but if there was any remaining question as to how serious Uncle Sam is about going after Teresa and Joe Giudice, those lingering whispers were answered this morning when the two reality stars were each forced to post $500,000 bonds in order to regain their freedom. Given they recently went through bankruptcy, it’s unclear exactly where the change may have come from, but however it happened, they were able to post the amount owed and walk out.

According to TMZ, the Real Housewives stars, despite regaining their freedom, were forced to make a few concessions. Both Joe and Teresa were forced to turn in their passports to the Federal Government, and they each had to promise not to leave New Jersey. In addition, Joe, since he’s not a United States citizen, will have to undergo drug testing until the legal matter is resolved. Exactly when that might be isn’t known at this time, but all involved are due back in court on August 14 for the formal arraignment.

Joe has had his share of legal problems over the past few years, but this current drama was only made public yesterday. Both husband and wife were charged with a mess of crimes including but not limited to wire fraud, mail fraud, lying on a loan application, failing to pay income taxes and failing to disclose all assets during a bankruptcy proceeding. If convicted on all the charges, they each could be looking at decades in jail. Early indications are the two will plead not guilty to the charges, but there remains a strong possibility the Government may decide to cut a deal with her.

Exactly what her involvement in these alleged crimes is the big elephant in the room. She’s claimed in the past that she’s been unaware of any shady financial dealings her husband has been apart of. Clearly, the Government thinks she at least knew about these alleged faulty loan applications and other white collar crimes. Regardless, it may be in the best interests of everyone to have her plead guilty to some lesser charges, get about six months in jail and return to society as a mother to her four young children. After all, it would be devastating for these kids to lose both of their parents to some idiotic financial schemes.

Ordinarily, defendants are advised not to speak publically about ongoing legal matters, but Teresa is a woman who enjoys getting her side out in public. As such, there’s a strong possibility we could be hearing from the Celebrity Apprentice veteran within a matter of days. If she does decide to talk, we’ll bring you her take. If not, we’ll keep you updated on the legal situation whenever new developments happen.

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