Tia Mowry Scolds Those Who Think Her Baby Is Ugly

There are cute babies and ugly babies, sad babies and giggly babies, calm babies and erratic little ones. Unfortunately for celebrity babies, sometimes the Internet gives gives them the short end of the stick. Critics have gone to all corners of the Internet to declare Tia Mowry’s 11-month-old boy, Cree Taylor Hardrict, as an “ugly baby.” While he still seems smiley after the name-calling bouts, his mother isn’t having it.

Earlier today, Mowry headed over to the set of Live From E! to talk about her career and where her little tyke fits in. According to E!, during the course of the interview, she also lambasted those who have said her baby is unpleasant to look at.

"I really don't understand why people feel the need to belittle a child, someone who doesn't even have a voice yet to express themselves. I just think it's disgusting—disgusting that we live in a society that focuses on looks."

I’m sure hearing a bunch of random assholes poke fun at her kid was disarming, especially when Mowry only posted pictures of the little guy on Twitter to share her pride with the universe. However, her passion on the issue is a little over-the-top. Just because a few people on the Internet have stated her baby has a big head doesn’t mean they think her kid won’t achieve, or even grow into his body at some point.

Besides, I’m sure some celebrity babies always get it worse. Can you imagine all the smart-alecky comments Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s child, Apple, got after she was born?