The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has decided not to press charges against the man discovered on Tom Cruise’s property, officially bringing to a close one of the stranger home invasion incidents of all-time. The nonsense in question happened back in October. Cruise wasn’t home at the time, but his security guards were. They spotted someone climbing over the fence onto the movie star’s property. After several calls for the man to stop, they hit the dude with a taser and called the police.

Hours later, once at the hospital, all involved realized the poor guy who got tased was actually Cruise’s neighbor who was extremely intoxicated and couldn’t figure out which house was his. In the eyes of the law, drunkenness isn’t an excuse for trespassing, but in the eyes of Cruise, it apparently is. According to TMZ, he told the DA not to push the matter any further, and the attorneys decided to follow his advice.

I’m all for teaching people a lesson, but sometimes you do need to look at the larger context of a situation. This dude clearly wasn’t thinking straight. He didn’t mean any harm, and he got tasered for his troubles. That’s more than enough of a slap on the wrist. Plus, Cruise looks good from a PR perspective by taking the high road and not making an issue out of it.

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