Tom Hanks has epitomized professionalism for so long that at some point, people stopped worrying about him during appearances. All involved, including Hanks, assumed he’d be charming and convince at least a few more people to get out there and see his new project. Unfortunately, that competence broke down today on Good Morning America when the actor shocked everyone by dropping an f-bomb.

The slip happened during an interview segment with GMA host Elizabeth Vargas. She asked the actor to speak in an accent from his new movie Cloud Atlas. Prior to giving it a whirl, Hanks joked that it would be difficult because he peppered his accented speech with a lot of swear words in the film. And then he immediately dropped an f-bomb. Take a look at footage of the incident below…

You can tell he feels awful about what happened. Hanks isn’t the type of guy to push the envelope in situations in which it wouldn’t be appropriate. Luckily, he’s built up so much good will over the past few decades, it’s unlikely this mistake will change very many people’s positive opinions of him.

As he predicted immediately following the f-bomb, however, it’s likely at least his next few media appearances will include a seven second delay.

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