Last week, Frank Ocean decided not to make his fight with Chris Brown a legal matter and withdrew his request to press charges against the troubled singer. After careful consideration, he decided to take the high road and push toward peace rather than vengeance. Unfortunately for WIP Nightclub, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker does not feel the same way. He just updated his pending lawsuit over the Brown/ Drake fight to include this latest brouhaha.

According to TMZ, Parker and his attorneys are trying to make the case that Brown never should have been let into the nightclub prior to the now infamous brawl. In order to help illustrate their point, their filing includes a laundry list of the pop star’s previous offenses including his domestic violence incident with Rihanna. This Ocean fight obviously shows a continuation of that pattern, but since it happened after, I’m not sure it will really affect the outcome of the case at all.

The brawl in question occurred last summer. Drake and Brown reportedly got into some kind of confrontation over Rihanna, someone threw a bottle and the whole place devolved into chaos. Parker was struck in the eye by a shard of glass and was forced to go to the hospital. He later filed this twenty million dollar lawsuit against the club.

We’ll keep you updated as the case winds its way through the court system.

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