Want To Become Pope? This Video Explains Exactly How

Later this month, Pope Benedict XVI will officially resign. Not long after, his successor will be named, and the new Pope will promptly slide into completing the Catholic Church’s official duties. But how is that man picked? What does one need to do to try and become Pope? The newest video from YouTube all-stars CGP Grey breaks the process down and outlines what a teenager would need to do if he was hoping to be a Pope fifty or so years from now.

It’s actually an extremely complicated process, and you can learn about it by watching the footage below…

In many ways, becoming a Pope is a lot like becoming a Supreme Court Judge. There’s so many steps and levels of approval someone needs to go through either as a lawyer or a judge in order to even become a person who could hypothetically be considered by a President to wear the all-important robes.

Many Catholics are still getting over the shock of Pope Benedict’s surprising resignation. Hopefully, whoever is chosen next is able to do a whole lot of good for the one billion odd Catholics, as well as the rest of the world’s residents.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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