Even if you consider it the cruelest of offenses to tear a person out of a sound sleep in some pranky fashion, this compilation of videos of such pranks is still worth a chuckle or two, especially when you consider the creativity that comes with such cruelty, like mashing wasabi in a person's face or setting a mousetrap near their alarm. There are also quite a few fireworks.

Some of the snippets featured might be familiar to you, as there's no shortage of prank videos on YouTube. ClipNation.com has collected four minutes worth of awful wake-up calls, some funnier than the others.

(Mostly safe for work)

Some are funny. Some are just plain mean. And I'm pretty sure a few put the pranked person in actual danger, not unlike something we might see on Jackass. A blow torch? Seriously? And what was up with the guy whose head was pushed into the fan?

As is often the case with a good prank, it's the people's reactions that make some of these work so well. I sincerely hope all of the victims were able to laugh at the prank when all was said and done, and that those kids who were terrified of the masked chainsaw man (possibly their father?) weren't permanently scarred from the ordeal. I also felt genuinely bad for the guy who was woken up to a mouthful of wasabi.

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