Watch George Clooney's Dirty Golden Globes Joke About Michael Fassbender

The famously unhinged Golden Globes stayed true to their reputation during last night's ceremony, with stars like Meryl Streep and even host Ricky Gervais himself forcing NBC to use the mute button to keep out some profanity. But maybe the dirties joke of them all sailed right past the censors, either thanks to George Clooney's undeniable charm or because, by the time you realize he's joking about Michael Fassbender's penis, the moment has already gone by. When accepting his Best Actor in a Drama Globe for his performance in The Descendants, Clooney made sure we'd all remember the moment for something much less high-minded. Check out his entire speech below.

Clooney gives really good acceptance speeches, which is one of the many reasons he's a frontrunner to win Best Actor at the Oscars next month, beating out the likes of Fassbender and buddy Brad Pitt-- who he thanked at the very beginning of his speech. At last night's Golden Globes he also beat out the actor he himself directed, as Ryan Gosling was nominated for his performance in The Ides of March, but couldn't make it to the awards ceremony. That deprived of us a moment to see Clooney also pick on Gosling with what inevitably would have been another great line, but maybe there's only so much movie star handsomeness a single room can handle.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend