Watch Joel McHale Tell Howard Stern How Bad Things Got With Chevy Chase

Over the past few years, the cast and crew of Community have generated almost as many headlines for backstage feuds, battles with the network and rumored cancellations as they have for the odd, hilarious and impressively detailed comedy they’ve taken to the small screen. Most of those scandals involved former showrunner Dan Harmon and/ or former star Chevy Chase. Both men are now out of the picture, and not surprisingly, even more stories are still trickling out in their wakes.

The latest involves Chase and headliner Joel McHale. Apparently, the former Saturday Night Live star made it clear he would fight his co-star if he ever spoke to him while the cameras were not rolling. McHale told the story this week on Howard Stern, along with some background about the infamous F-bomb, and of course, the video is already flying around the Internet between the three million people who regularly watch Community, all of whom seem to be obsessed with the show. You can watch it below…

The crazy thing about this video is that it’s very clear McHale really isn’t interested in going out of his way to bash Chase. He just wants to move on, but there’s no way he can be nice about the situation when his relationship with his former co-star was clearly so combative.

I have no idea how the hell things got so out of control. I’m sure Chase feels like he was mistreated in this situation too, but for a show that’s so progressive, interesting and fun to watch, it’s embarrassing that everyone couldn’t put aside their different perspectives and have a little fun once in a while.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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