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Lady Gaga might not dress the way a professional would in most businesses, but the pop star still exudes professionalism. She proved that last night during a concert in Spain when she got sick and vomited three consecutive times without most people in the audience even catching wind of the disgusting turn of events.

Given how embarrassing vomiting at work is for the guilty party, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if Gaga just pretended the incident never happened, but apparently, that’s not how she rolls. The singer actually hit up Twitter to talk about what happened. At one point, she even sent out a link to the video so her thirty million plus followers could have a laugh.

You can check out footage of the incident below…

That video will probably leave most people amused, but every time I’ve watched it, my initial response has been amazement. She throws up a lot during that twenty second period, and she still doesn’t break stride. It’s fascinating. How much focus does it take to remember choreography while your body is in that much turmoil and anguish?

Spanish fans who attended the concert no doubt have seen Gaga look more attractive before, but I’m not sure anyone has ever seen her perform like more of a champion. Here’s to hoping she’s in better health the next time she takes the stage.

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