Watch Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Try To Tell Themselves Apart On Ellen

These days, if you're looking for an Olsen sibling on screen, you're probably more likely to see Elizabeth Olsen (Godzilla) than you are either of the "Olsen Twins." While Mary-Kate has popped up on the big and small screen in the past (Weeds, The Wackness), she and her twin sister Ashley have directed their careers toward fashion and fragrances. The duo dropped by Ellen last week to talk about being twins, their differences, and their shared role as Michelle on Full House.

The fraternal (or sororal) twins look different enough now that fans shouldn't have trouble telling them apart, but as babies and toddlers, they were clearly similar enough to pass for the same character on Full House, and apparently so identical that even they can't tell themselves apart when Ellen showed them a series of images of the two sisters from their Full House days. Ashley was able to point out the difference between herself and her sister in the last image because apparently, Mary-Kate still makes the same face now.

Who had their first kiss first? Who's funnier? These are some of the questions Mary-Kate and Ashley answer -- or try to answer -- for Ellen DeGeneres in the interview segment below.

The 27-year-old sisters are pretty candid about their personal lives, and it all leads up to them plugging their new fragrance, or fragrances as it were.

Speaking of memorably adorable children, the Olsen Twins made a living off being adorable and charismatic on screen throughout their childhood. So it's fitting that Ellen would run a segment showcasing the cute kids that have appeared on her talk show over the past eleven seasons...

Among the adorables are Sophia Grace and Rosie, the recurring cuties who've represented Ellen DeGeneres on the red carpet.

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