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Watch Nancy Grace Argue With Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace, America’s favorite fear-mongering news anchor, has a tendency to blow things out of proportion (feel free to search “Nancy Grace controversy” for a roundup of all the ridiculous things she’s said over the years about Amanda Knox, Elizabeth Smart, Whitney Houston, et al). That’s one of the main reasons she’s so popular: her conspiratorial attitude and prosecutorial tone hooks viewers in––at least the ones unfortunate enough to be within hearing distance of her voice.

Therefore, the one thing the world definitely doesn’t need more of are nutso Nancy Grace highlights. However, there are always exceptions, like this clip one clever Reddit user put together, which features the HLN anchor arguing with … herself. The mashup is pegged to a recent interview where she discussed the potential legalization of pot, saying it can make people “shoot, stab, or strangle each other.” Uh, OK.

The utter lack of scientific evidence aside, Grace completely contradicts the talking points she made about marijuana last year, during the Trayvon Martin case, where she complained that his being high had nothing to do with him getting killed. Well, it’s 2013 vs. 2014 Nancy Grace, and things are about to get awkward:

Nancy, 2013: “The judge allows in evidence that Trayvon Martin had marijuana in his system when he died. What difference if any does that make?”

Nancy, 2014: “Because I’ve seen too many felonies. And I don’t mean pot sales or growing pot.

Nancy, 2013: “To me it means he’s less likely to pick a fight with someone!”

Nancy, 2014: “I mean people on pot shoot each other.”

Yeah, you get the idea. Anyway, you can watch the full segment above.

For the original paranoid pot clip head here.

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