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Watch Nancy Grace Inform This Father His Son Was Just Found Alive

Divisive as she may be, Nancy Grave has built her reputation over the years on the back of aggressive interviews with grieving family members. Because of the sheer number of them she’s done, the host has trafficked in pretty much every type of emotion possible, but she was still able to find a new one earlier this week when she interviewed Charles Bothuell IV and wound up being the one to tell him his son had just been discovered in the man’s basement.

You would think such a moment would be gleeful and enthusiastic, but given the weirdness of this case, it actually turned out to be awkward, accusatory and uncomfortable. Nancy Grace doesn’t seem to think the missing boy was discovered by some miracle. She appears to feel the father is likely involved, and she doesn’t let him off the hook either. Strangely, he doesn’t get up from his chair to call his son or talk to the police either. He toughs out the rest of the interview, making a series of sighs, bizarre noises and hand gestures.

A missing person search began about a week and a half ago when Detroit police were notified that 12-year-old Charles Bothuell V had vanished. According to The Huffington Post, law enforcement searched the house and administered a polygraph test to the father. His results were inconclusive and the boy’s step-mother reportedly refused to take one. Details are still a little fuzzy as to why the boy wasn’t found earlier, but police reportedly discovered bedding and other essentials behind a makeshift barricade in the basement.

There will be plenty of time to ask questions moving forward. Regardless of what really happened here, it’s nice to see the little boy was found alive. He’s currently being evaluated by medical professionals. Hopefully no serious problems will be discovered and he’ll be back to having fun in no time.

Mack Rawden

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