Wilmer Valderrama Sued For Throwing Too Many Parties

Wilmer Valderrama was only a junior in high school when he shot the pilot for That 70s Show. By the middle of the show’s eight season run, he was embracing the life of a star, hanging out with beautiful women, attending various events and generally being a man about town. Unfortunately for one of his neighbors, it seems he might no longer be about town quite enough.

According to TMZ, the dude who lives next door to Valderrama has filed a lawsuit claiming the Awake actor parties too hard and too frequently at his house. He says he’s tried calling, writing letters and informing the police, but nothing has stopped Fez from throwing his shindigs. Perhaps even worse, the actor supposedly has unruly dogs as well. They allegedly bark and make noise all the time. Coupled together, the neighbor says he’s lost all kinds of sleep and wants the noise to stop as soon as possible and damages to be paid for his hours of tossing and turning.

We’ll see what a judge has to say, but I find it unlikely this dude will wind up walking away with cash. That being said, this lawsuit very well could scare Wilmer into turning his stereo down, if in fact he blares it during these parties he allegedly throws.

Given that none of us live in the neighborhood, it’s difficult to say whether Valderrama has crossed the line. If he’s thrown like two crazy parties a year for the last five years, this dude needs to get over it, but if he’s throwing like one a week, that’s a serious problem. Living next to noisy neighbors is awful.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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