New York Aquarium Floods And Loses Fish During Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast, there was devastation in many towns and cities, including the iconic and vast New York. In New York, a large percentage of the damage was structural, and, luckily for many, the lack of public transportation and electricity was the biggest inconvenience. However, the New York Aquarium was hit pretty hard in the storm, and has suffered a more major loss: some of the aquarium’s fish population did not make it through the storm.

While the bigger creatures at the aquarium—the walruses, the seals, the sea turtles and the sharks, etc.—are doing just fine post storm, the New York Aquarium has lost some of its fish population. Staff have been working furiously since the storm to get the filtration and temperature control systems in working order, but Sandy left the Coney Island-based aquarium partially under water, and by Friday evening, the facility’s electricity had not even been fully restored.

According to Today, during the storm, staff members had to put some of the creatures onto life support systems. By working hard and working as a team, the staff members were able to save a good chunk of the aquarium population that may otherwise have never made it. Still, one fish tank in particular suffered during the storm, and some fish were lost in that exhibit. For now, the other mammals and fish seem to be doing fine.

Today actually has a few pictures of the facility, and if you are interested in seeing how the New York Aquarium is faring, you should check out the above link. If you would like to donate to the New York Aquarium in its need, the organization has already set up a donation page.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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