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This week on Operation Kino, Katey's back! And just in time to help wrap up the end of a franchise she loves nearly, as we review Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We start things off with a lightning round dedicated to grading the Potter films of the past, then move on to tidbits, where David promises great things from the New York Asian Film Festival, Da7e digs back into Star Trek: The Next Generation thanks to Netflix, Patches reminisces about summers gone by (specifically 90s summers), and Katey endorses actually going outside, even if you feel guilty about all the movies you're not watching in the meantime. After the Potter review we get into the whole idea of adapting books into movies, how it can be done well and incredibly poorly and what filmmakers need to do to make sure they're actually telling a good story and not just kowtowing to fans of the books. We end, as always, with your lightning round answers for dessert.

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00:00-00:44 Lightning Round: Best and Worst Harry Potter films?

00:44-24:36 Introductions and tidbits

25:01-45:22 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 reviewed

45:40-1:02:55 Book-to-movie adaptations discussed

1:02:55-1:07:43 Dessert!