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Tonight, like virtually every other movie critic in the country did, and like virtually everyone else in the world will in a few days, I saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The arguments among the critics started fast and got heated out on the sidewalk outside the Times Square theater, so I grabbed podcast pal Da7e to get some thoughts on camera. I admit, it's not our most coherent video review-- a random Times Square vendor pops in at one point to try and sell us something, and another podcast pal David Ehrlich wanders into the background to shout his unequivocal love of the movie. It's chaotic and energetic, much like Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but also just over three minutes long, which makes it way shorter!

Take a look below, and come back throughout the week for way, way more Transformers coverage, including this week's Operation Kino podcast devoted to the robots in disguise.

To sum things up: the movie is really energetic and rousing, especially in the third-act action sequence, which is the wholesale destruction of Chicago we've seen in all the trailers. Michael Bay uses the 3D almost miraculously well, both slowing down his notoriously fast editing and camerawork to accomodate the technology and achieving some real moments of vertigo with the extra dimension. But, to roll with the terrible joke, that dimension is totally lost on the characters and story, which takes up about 80 minutes of setting up the plot before basically resulting in "two different kinds of robots whale on each other on a city street." Sure, that's what you came for, but a lot of the plot and the typical awful humor feels like a slog, especially since the movie is way, way too long at two and a half hours. In the video you can see how enthused we are, but for the first hour and a half I was really only intermittently entertained.