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If you're a big fan of The Hunger Games, you've almost definitely seen the short teaser that debuted last night during MTV's Video Music Awards. The teaser doesn't show off very much footage, and people who aren't familiar with the books might wonder what the big deal is about a girl running through the woods. But I loved it primarily for what we didn't see-- no love triangle, no romantic moments with Peeta, no hint at all that this is a movie about anything other than one girl's struggle to survive in a brutal game.

That is what the books are about, but given how much Lionsgate seems to want The Hunger Games to be their equivalent of Twilight, I've been worried that the movie would emphasize star-crossed love over kickass fights and political unrest. This teaser has passed the test for now, but we've still yet to see where Lionsgate will take things when the full marketing campaign gears up. Last week, before the MTV teaser had premiered, I sat down with Perri Nemiroff, author of The Hunger Games Countdown column at Movies.com, to talk about some of our concerns for the marketing campaign. You can check out the video of that conversation below, and let me know if you're similarly concerned, or if last night's teaser has put you at ease.