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The Best Tower Speakers

Polk T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single)

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If you’re looking to step up your speaker system, the Polk T150 150 Watt Home Speaker is the place to go. One of the best features is the naturally warm sound, providing an enriched and balanced listening experience. Crisp highs and mids and pronounced low frequencies aids in a truly cinematic experience at home. We also loved that this speaker works with most home theater AV systems, allowing for a multitude of arrangement options.

Looking to upgrade your system even more? You can create a full-fledged home theater system with two T50 Tower Speakers, one T30 Center Channel, two T15 Bookshelf speakers, and a subwoofer. Movie night just got so much better.

Key Features

  • Compatible with most home theater AV systems
  • Fills any medium to small-sized room with sound
  • Premium acoustics with an easy setup

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker (Single)

Most Versatile
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Concerned about speaker deterioration after prolonged use? That’s not a problem with the Sony SSCS3 Floor Speaker. Made from Mica Reinforced Cellular fiber woofers, this speaker holds its shape while moving at high pressure and speed, so the audio quality is never compromised.

Another thing we like about the Sony SSCS3 Floor Speaker is the natural-sounding vocals. This is achieved by the speaker’s precise tuning ability, making your listening experience that much better.

The only thing better than being at a movie theater is using this speaker. With advanced sound-absorbing felt, rear sound pressure is eliminated to ensure natural-sounding vocals.

Key Features

  • High-resolution audio
  • High precision tweeter
  • Tapered faceplate edges keep sound clear

Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio Andrew Jones Designed Floor Standing Loudspeaker

Highly Acclaimed
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At CinemaBlend, we’re a fan of this speaker's increased height. We found this 3” height increase delivered increased sound quality, making every video watching experience better. Even if we’re just watching cat videos! In addition, this speaker’s sleek black design will aesthetically compliment any room, making this a perfect addition to your home movie theater.

Key Features

  • Improved bass response
  • Smooth high-frequency reproduction
  • Audio is blended between woofer and tweeter for greater accuracy

Samsung 54 W RMS SWA-8500S 2.0 Speaker System

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Not a big fan of having to deal with a ton of wires? The Samsung 54 W RMS SWA-85002 2.9 Speaker System can take care of that problem. With an easy Wi-Fi connection to additional speakers, you’ll be able to unlock a new dimension of your home audio experience. You can immerse yourself within your favorite TV shows and movies. If there’s one thing we value here at CinemaBlend, it’s being able to truly get the full watching experience.

The Samsung 54 W RMS SWA-85002 2.9 Speaker System is really good at making friends. It’s compatible with these Samsung Soundbars: HW M360 HW, M450, HW M4500, HW M550. Don’t have any table space for these? No worries, this system mounts on the wall perfectly.

Key Features

  • Wi-Fi connection, giving a clutter-free experience
  • Wall mountable
  • Creates an immersive surround sound experience

Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand - Set of 2

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Ever had a speaker you wish could just be a little bit taller? Well, this unit might be the solution to your problem. The Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand is compatible with Bose, Harmon, Kardon, Polk, JBL, and Sony speakers, just to name a few. A top plate, L-shaped brackets and keyhole adapter help to ensure your speaker will fit just right. Supporting up to 3.5 pounds and speakers between 28”-38”, this stand is ideal for many satellite speakers.

Annoying wires are a thing of the past with this system. The Sanus Speaker Stand's built-in cable management channel helps to keep wires out of your way.

Sound is everything to us here at CinemaBlend. After all, how are you supposed to enjoy something if you can’t hear it? Luckily, this stand enhances your listening experience with 10” of adjustable height. With a wide base made of steel to provide high-quality sound, this speaker stand is the perfect addition to your speaker system.

Key Features

  • Holds up to 3.5 pounds satellite speakers
  • 10” of height adjust
  • Holds speakers between 28-38” wide

Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

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Although it’s not a book, the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speaker will fit perfectly on your bookshelf. Made of an MDF wood build with a wood effect vinyl, this speaker system does more than serve as a wonderful home accent. A 4-inch bass driver and calibrated flared bass reflex port delivered rich bass notes, full of presence and depth.

Were you picked to be the DJ for the party? No worries; the speaker has two active ports located on the back. These work well for RCA to RCA or RCA to AUX connections. The various cables on the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speaker ensure you’ll be able to connect a variety of different devices.

One feature of the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speaker we love here at CinemaBlend is the remote control aspect. It makes listening to podcasts so much easier, being able to adjust the volume from anywhere in the room.

Key Features

  • Remote control
  • Studio sound quality from a dome tweeter
  • Classic wood finish

Buying a new speaker system might seem overwhelming, but CinemaBlend’s got you covered! We’ve put together a little guide to make this process easier.

Mica Reinforced Cellular fibers: rigid fibers, which hold the shape of the speaker even when moving at high speed and pressure. Ensures your speaker will retain its shape.

Tweeter: A loudspeaker within the speaker that reproduces in the higher frequency range. Helpful for speakers that cannot produce high frequency sounders, improving the sound quality.

Woofer: A loudspeaker within the speaker that produces low frequency sounds, from 20 hertz to 500 hertz. Best for getting accurate low frequency notes.