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The Best On Ear Headphones

Sony MDRZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones

Incredible Sound
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For a no-nonsense pair of on-ear headphones from a brand you trust, Sony's ZX series definitely fits the build. From a comfort standpoint, these bad boys rank top of their class thanks to their lightweight design, perfect for The Office binging sessions or long days at work. We found they were even comfortable for glasses wearers, which if you are in that club, you know that the struggle is real. The swivel and folding design make these ultra portable and easy to throw into a backpack, though we do recommend a dedicated storage bag to prevent any damage during transport. But what about the sound? Sony promises their 30 mm driver units will deliver rich, crisp sound for a complete listening experience from 12 - 22,000 Hz, and we found that for an economy pair of on-ear headphones, they delivered! The sound wasn't muddy, and the frequency response sounded balanced and clear across the range.

Key Features

  • Clear audio covering a large frequency range
  • Ultra portable due to unique swivel design
  • Tangle free cable

Panasonic Headphones XBS RP-HT21

Budget Friendly
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These are perfect for someone who wants a simple, no hassle pair of on-ear headphones. We love how light these headphones feel on the head. At just 1.2 ounces, they are a good change from some of the ultra heavy and clunky versions we have seen recently, and are great for hours of listening with no ear or neck pain. We absolutely love watching our shows on the train, but sometimes the larger bulky headphones are a hassle to carry, and in-ear headphones can get uncomfortable fast, so these are the perfect solution. And considering how affordable they are, no need to fret if you accidentally leave them behind.

Despite the size, 30 mm drivers with XBS port provided ample frequency range and notable sound quality. While obviously not going to be as high end as more expensive models, these get the job done!

Key Features

  • 4.5 ft cord
  • Ergonomical headband
  • 30 mm neodymium drivers and XBS port

JVC Foldable On Ear Headphones

Best Looking
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If you know CinemaBlend at all, you know we love boldness. In fact, you could say we have a bit of a flair for the dramatic. So it's not shocking that we loved the striking color of these headphones, they are perfect for someone who is sick of the mono color look that many brands are going for these days. Like our other picks, 30 mm drivers deliver impressive sound for the model. We found the bass wasn't over pronounced as some budget headphones are prone to do, and overall the audio was pleasantly punchy. They also feel durable. The head band is highly adjustable and is made from rugged-stainless steel, clicking into secure place. As a bonus, the ear cups fold in, making storage and transport simple.

Key Features

  • Bright colors give these a great look
  • Fantastic sound from the 30 mm neodymium driver units
  • Stainless steel head band

Beats EP Wired On-Ear Headphone

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For many people, including many people here at CinemaBlend, Beats were their introduction to the high quality headphone world. A combination of phenomenal sound and sleek looks, Beats took the world by storm. This pair is the entry level into the Beats world, but deliver on the brand expectations we've all come to love. While Beats didn't provide the driver size, they did remark on fine-tuned acoustics delivering incredible clarity and balance, which we found to be spot on. These headphones will definitely immerse you in the world you're streaming.

We also loved the added feature of a built-in mic to easily take a call if needed, and the built-in controls is a nice touch to not have to constantly deal with your device to adjust volume or the like. While not as portable as other options on this list, the sound quality more than makes up for it.

Key Features

  • Rich, balanced sound
  • Built-in controls
  • Lightweight design