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The Best Bluetooth Surround Sound

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer

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First on our list is a familiar name that we've all come to know and trust. Sony has been a leader in audio for over 75 years and they bring every bit of that expertise into their HT-S350 system. With their classic subwoofer and soundbar combo, you'll be able to stream seamlessly to this set up thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility.

However, the HT-S350 has plenty of performance to spare too. With 320 watts of power at its disposal and large 6.3 inch subwoofer, this unit from Sony brings booming bass and agile treble to your ears. By far the coolest features about this system is its versatility––we especially like the HT-S350's 7 sound modes to choose from which include auto sound, cinema, music, game, news, sports, and standard audio mode. We found the cinema sound mode to be useful while watching movies. Sony's voice enhancement technology is clear, which isolates and amplifies voice dialogue for stunning clarity.

The HT-S350 gave us the impression of a full-blown theater experience, despite being a 2.1 channel system. Sony's S-Force Pro system emulates surround sound thanks to the wide angles of the HT-S350's speakers.

A nice and simple Bluetooth system, we found the HT-S350 to be a quality made and accessible choice for those just starting out or improving their home theater system.

Key Features

  • 320 watt power output
  • Simple 2.1 channel system
  • 7 versatile audio settings

Yamaha Yht-4950U 4K Home Theater System

Most Complete System
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With its 4K HDR AV receiver, the Yamaha Yht-4950U 4K Home Theater System is probably more akin for those seeking a richer and more complete audio experience. This system is the full audio package and comes with a receiver, five speakers, subwoofer, and speaker wire. It's a complete home theater system in a box! We like this system for its 145 watt output, which dishes out some seriously loud and crisp audio.

The bass is certainly the star of the show due to Yamaha's robust subwoofer. The Advanced YST II subwoofer delivered tight and resonant bass tones thanks to its combined negative-impedance. With the subwoofer anchoring the bass and Yamaha's host of speakers bringing up the mid and treble, the YHT-4950U as a whole creates a full and balanced sound.

This Yamaha set also features YPAO (Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer), which analyzes the room acoustics and precisely adjusts the audio to provide the best sound for your room.

If the 2.1 channel Sony is too small for you and you're in the need of a bigger system, we recommend this Yamaha and its more complete Dolby 5.1 audio surround sound. For those seeking the full cinema package, the YHT-4950U is a great pick that covers every angle around the viewer.

Key Features

  • Complete 5.1 Dolby surround
  • 4K compatible with 4K AV receiver
  • 145 watt output

Rockville HTS56 Home Theater System

Best Looking Design
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The more accessible 5.1 audio system on this list, the Rockville HTS56 is a proven setup with plenty of bass. The first thing about this system that caught our eye was its look. We liked its black construction and the slick blue LED accent lights, but looks aside, this system brings the beat. When we say this thing thumps, we mean it––to the impressive tune of up to 1000 watts and 70 dB of output.

Even with the bass cranked up, Rockville's 8-inch subwoofer keeps the distortion to a minimum.

Another cool feature from Rockville is that you can control the volume of each individual speaker and even use them independently of each other. Flexibility is certainly an attribute of the HTS56.

On top of the great specs and cutting edge Bluetooth tech, we especially like the HTS56's futuristic look. Made from durable plastic and adorned with LED accents, the HTS56's lights can blink and change color to the beat. The subwoofer has 7 color settings to match the mood and can also be turned off. Watching TRON will never be the same (in a good way).

When it comes to performance, accessibility, and overall flashiness, the Rockville HTS56 strikes an attractive balance. For those in need of a reasonable yet quality Bluetooth surround sound, the Rockville HTS56 offers you a great system right out of the box.

Key Features

  • Multicolor LED light system
  • 1000 watt, 70 decibel output
  • Futuristic design

AOMAIS Real Sound Bluetooth Speakers 2-Pack

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The AOMAIS Real Sound Bluetooth Speakers are certainly the wild card on this list. Lightweight and completely portable, we like these speakers because they allow you to take your shows and movies with you anywhere. You could even take this speaker to the pool on a hot summer day because it's IPX5 water resistant design. Even if you want to stay in, these Bluetooth speakers still pack plenty of punch and bass to give you that room-filling experience.

We like this speaker set for its portability. The far-reaching 100-foot signal range is perfect for parties and get-togethers, while the long-lasting 24-hour batteries will keep you listening and watching from morning to night!

Compact and durable, these speakers are the perfect travel buddy. Don't leave the theater-quality audio experience at home; bring the sound with you wherever you go with these AOMAIS speakers.

Key Features

  • 100-foot wireless range
  • 24-hour long battery
  • Durable, splash proof construction

Most of us know good sound quality when we hear it, but not everybody knows all the jargon when it comes to audio systems. We at CinemaBlend realize you want the best your money can buy, so we compiled this guide to help you better understand all the audio lingo and make the best decision for you.


This is the measure of a speaker’s electrical output. The greater wattage a speaker has, the louder it can be.


In a home audio system, the subwoofer’s job is to produce the lower bass notes and tones. When it comes to subwoofers, the size of the box or case it is held in is especially important which affects harmonics. The deeper the box, generally the greater the volume.


If the subwoofer’s job is to produce low notes, then it's the tweeter’s task to produce high ones. This speaker is used to produce higher mid and treble frequencies.

Channel Systems

This ratio is used to explain audio system formats. For example, in a 5.1 channel system, the five means five audio channels or speakers, while the one refers to the one subwoofer used in the system. A 2.1 channels specifies two surround sound speakers and one subwoofer.