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The Best Webcam

Logitech C270 Webcam

Best Overall
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With absolutely everything you'll need in a webcam, the Logitech is our top overall choice. Known in the tech world for their overarching quality, the Logitech C270 is no exception. It comes standard with HD 720p video calling and HD video recording, meaning that presentation you've been working on will look phenomenal when you present it to the boss. The Logitech is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 or later, macOS 10.10 or later, Chrome OS, Android v 5.0 or above.

The C270 is powered by a 2.4 GigaHertz Intel Core2 Duo and boasts 2 GB RAM with 200 MB hard drive space. That's plenty of space, unless you're filming the next Lord of the Rings!

The C270 features Logitech's trademark Fluid Crystal technology, which is said to ensure that each video call and recording offers crystal clear images with smooth, fluid motion and rich, true-to-life colors. The camera boasts crisp 3 MP photos technology and connects to your computer via a high speed USB 2.0 and comes with a built-in microphone.

Key Features

  • 3 MP photos technology
  • 2.4 GigaHertz Intel Core2 Duo
  • Trademark Fluid Crystal technology

Anivia 1080p HD Webcam W8

Best For Noisy Homes
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Often lost in the focus on video quality is the importance of sound during zoom calls––that's why we love the built-in dual noise reducing analog microphones, ensuring you sound like you and not a robot pretending to be you! This will be particularly important if you're in a noisy household with dogs or kids in the background.

The Anivia features a 75° viewing angle for wide vision, giving you the freedom to include more of your surroundings. It also comes with some stunning lighting features including low light correction, low light boost, color boost, and adjust exposure.

Additionally, the hook design allows you to position the camera at a variety of angles with ease. Along with 1080p clarity, this cam will have you looking your absolute most professional.

Key Features

  • Wide angle view
  • 1080P Full HD Webcam
  • Compatible with Skype, OBS, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch

Hrayzan 1080P HD Webcam

Best For Privacy
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We all know how hard it can be to get the lighting right in your home office, but you'll be ready for the most important meetings with 1080P with low light correction. Pair this with the wide angle of up to 110 degrees and everyone in your office will be wondering how you look so professional even while sitting in your own living room.

The Hrayzan also comes with built-in auto noise reduction to reduce ambient news in your home and a tripod-ready universal clip, giving you flexibility in creating your perfect your set-up.

With all the talk of privacy lately, we love the privacy cover that comes with this model. Leave your worries at work when you can easily drop the privacy cover and switch the world off.

Key Features

  • Built-in auto noise reduction
  • Tripod-ready universal clip
  • 1080P with low light correction

TedGem PC Webcam

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With full HD 1080P recording, the TedGem has the quality you need in a top class webcam. It also features an ability to fix its focus and a built-in microphone, you'll have everything you need to get the absolute best out of your zoom experience.

We absolutely love the built-in lens protector and protective shell––this webcam is built to last the test of time and should have you looking clear for years.

Capturing your images at 30fps, you won't notice the lag that many lower quality camera's can have. TedGem also has a built-in beauty effect that softens some of the tones in your face like an Instagram filter, perfect if you're not feeling particularly well that day!

Key Features

  • 90 ° wide-angle lens
  • USB 2.0 connector
  • Built-in lens protector


Resolution, like 1080p or 720p, defines the quality of what's happening on your screen. The number stands for the number of columns and pixels on screen. As a rule of thumb, the higher the number of pixels, the crisper the image will be. For example, 1080p resolution is higher quality than 720p resolution.


Megapixel (MP) refers to the size of an image, usually in reference to a photo from a digital camera or camera phone. For reference, the latest iPhone has a 12MP front facing camera.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Computers use RAM to hold data being generated and used by other programs. RAM is also important because it relieves the processor from doing all the operational heavy lifting. In essence, the greater the RAM your computer has the more efficient it is and the faster it operates.